Dear Reverend Fathers, Brothers and Sisters,
God has presented us with an important opportunity for our children and future generations to have the great blessing of attending a K-8 Pan-Orthodox Day School in Hamilton, Ontario Canada.
School Mission: To meet the educational, developmental and spiritual needs of our Orthodox children in a warm, loving, Christian environment. Our aim is to provide students with the highest level of instruction, care, attention and tools that they need to succeed in this world while also training their hearts and minds for the world to come. As parents and teachers, it is our calling to do our utmost to raise saints. With prayer, our staff will work together with parents and local priests to raise our children to be truly loving, caring, thoughtful and intelligent human beings, capable of and motivated to, live up to their full God-given potential.
So far, we have:
1) A blessing from an Orthodox Hierarch: His Grace Bishop MITROFAN, Bishop of the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Canada
2) A school building, thanks to the parish of St. Vladimir’s Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral, 855 Barton St. E Hamilton *pending the signing of a legal/insurance agreement, of course
3) A very talented and qualified Orthodox Christian teacher
Now, we need students!
Could you please prayerfully forward this post and ask the faithful to complete our survey? We need people to fill this out asap to help us in our planning.